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ABI –American Biographical Institute, inc.
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                                       October 5, 2012

Dr. Lutvo Kuric
Kalinska 7/7
Novi Travnik

July 9.2010.

Dear Dr. Kuric,

I am writing to request your biographical details for inclusion in the upcoming reference source: the World Directoru of Leading Medicine and Health Professionals. As one who has achived status in the field of medicine and healthcare, you have already proven exceptional dedication annd accomplishment. We would like to permanently catalogue this effort and persistencce by having your biography join the very best of the best, internationally, for the benefit of reference, research and posterity.

The American Biographical Institute has a 45-yearr history of cataloguing...........

When we receive your biography, it will compiled by my team of experienced editors. Inclusion is based on your merits, including education, studies, professional position, associations, publications, and the like. The World Directory of Leading Medicine and Health Professionals operates a strict code, whereby purchase is not a prerequisite. You will receive a proof of your entry prior to publication to maintain editorial integrity.

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