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This is to bring in your kind information:

(1) Your paper will be incorporated in  "Global Journal of Science Frontier Research". 

(2) We prefer six pages, though paper can not be bound by page limits. 

(3) The Author Fees are USD$300 for "Global Journal of Science Frontier Research". This includes all the charges like fees of two Peer Reviewers ($100*2=$200), cost of Hard Copy of Journal ($50), & postal Charges etc.. 

(4) Author is requested to  pay only after receiving the Acceptance Letter of paper.

(5) The paper, submitted by the author, will be sent to two peer reviewers to adjudge for publication. The Acceptance depends on their comments and discrimination.If any update is recommended, then Authors will be expected to update/ upgrade the paper and resubmit at the earliest. The whole process is likely to be completed within one or two weeks.

(6) Being an "Open Access Journal", this  is free access to anyone with full text, worldwide. Circulation or Readers of such Journal are highest, which means this is most widely read, which in turn increases citation and h-index.

Please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us for any other query. 

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On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 1:10 PM, Lutvo Kuric <> wrote:
Dear Editor, 
I greatly appreciate your achievements in science and support your scientific work. 
I have a lot of problems. For example, I do not know English. I do not have money for the costs of preparation and publication of the manuscript. I have no support from anyone. Scientific institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not support my research, etc. That's why I decided not to write a new manuscript. I decided not to do my scientific research. Modern science does not allow me to publish my manuscript because I have no money. 
I wish you every success in your studies.

Lutvo Kurić