Monday, June 2, 2014

Award 4.

The International Hippocrates Awards for Medical Achievement
5th Februaru 2010

The become an Iconic Achiever, to scale the heights from which you inspire and to lead by the standards you have attained are no ordinary accomplishments and have led to your just and deserving arrival at this point. I am pleased to have been observing for least some of the journey.

The raison d’etre of the International Biographical Centre, Mr Kuric, is to discover, acknowledge, publicise and reward individuals of potential and proficiency. I am happy to say that none of this has been necessary in your case - we morely pay homage in a unique way to one of the brightest stars  in our firmament. The Awards Bord of the IBC are proud to bestow on you, as an Icon within the medical field, the auspicious and beautiful International Hippocrates Award for Medical Achievement. We trust you will accept this with the hunility for which you are known. Your avocation, enthusiasm and reputation are responsible for this magnificient recognition. I sincerely hope you accept this opportunity and when you do I shall be delighted to autorise the commissioning of your unique hand-finished  International Hippocrates Award for Medical Achievement, bearing the portrait of the great physician himself. Further details given in the accompanuing information.

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