Monday, June 2, 2014

Award 6.

ABI – American Biographical institute, Inc.
May 20, 2011-07-06

You are nominated to receive the


            in the name of your people and Bosnia and Herzegovina

A true champion does not only display dedication in sentiment, but he or she is also forthright in action, with the best intentions for their society and country. Wether advocating causes social, economic, scientific, educational, or political, any man or woman who makes an effort toward bettering their society may be considered a true champion, and candidate for te GOLD MEDAL.

Such individuals deserve recognition not only within their country of origin, but also worldwide. As such, the American Biographical Institute – a highly esteemed, world leader in the research of upstanding individuals around the globe – has selected you to receive one of its most internationally prominent honors, the GOLD MEDAL FOR BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.

Your acceptance of the GOLD MEDAL FOR BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA will solidify your achievements into tangible form – an elegant showpiece for any home or office. In a gesture as symbolic as the honor it represent, GOLD MEDAL, recipients will be presented with a laser- etched plaque, measuring a substantial 8 by 10 inches. The emblazoned gold medal image, inscription of honor, and personalization with your name will shine through in brilliant gold inscription of honor, and personalization with your name will shine through in brilliant gold inscription. On the enclosed leaflet, you will see an illustration of the award in detail.

Every eye that is upon the plaque will immediately perceive the profundity of your impression on your country, Mr Kuric, I cannot emphasize enough the uniqueness of the GOLD MEDAIL FOR BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA and the nomination that comes with it. I encourage you to accept today.



P.S. Please make your reservation on the enclosed leaflet. The Institute will hold nomination open until july 9, 2011. If there is a slowdown in the transit of international mail, please return your acceptance as soon as possible, even if the date is close to or has expired.

I wish to represent my country and accept the Gold Medal.

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