Monday, June 2, 2014

Award 12.

International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England,

1 June 2012

Mr Lutvo Kurić
Kalinska 7/7
Novi Travnik
Bosnia and Herzegovina
                                                                                      Ref. DIB36/typ

Dear Mr Kurić

Dictionary of International Biographu

It give me great pleasure to enclose a typescript of your entry as it will appear in the Dictionary of International Biography - 36 th Edition, scheduled for publication in Summer 2012. We are delighted with the response we have received for this title so far, and equally pleased that you are taking your rightful place within its pages. We hope that it will be a fitting tribute to leading, personalities throught the world.

Your personal editor has carefully prepared this  entry from the information supplied but if you feel that any amendments are necessary please mark them clearly before signing and returning the tupescript, by the date shown, to the International Biographical Centre. I must stress that it is very important that we receive your typescript by this date, even if there are no corrections, otherwise the entry may be published as writtenm.

Another benefit of inclusion, Mr Kuric, is the opportunity to acquire the Dictionary of International Biography Awards that celebrate, and compliment, your inclusion into the world's foremost register of personalities. The Dictionary of International Biography Suite of Diplomas are three finely crafted, full colour.

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