Sunday, August 10, 2014

Institucijama i nadležnima za nauku u BiH,

Želim da Vas podsjetim na Vašu obavezu da podržite razvoj i afirmaciju nauke u BiH, a to, na žalost, ne radite. Svakodnevno dobivam atraktivne ponude da publikujem dostignuća BiH  nauke u svim oblastima. To ne mogu uraditi jer me Vi ne podržavate. Ne dajete mi financijsku podršku. Gdje trošite sredstva namijenjena za nauku? Da li institucije  kojima dajete taj novac dobivaju slične ponude? Molim Vas obavijestite javnost zašto ne podržavate ovako atraktivne ponude za afirmaciju BiH nauke? Evo jedne od tih atraktivnih ponuda:

Dear Dr.  Lutvo Kuric

Reference: Invitation for Photon Innovations-2014

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to submit your most recent research to The Journal for Cell Biology, world’s leading journal in the domain. The peer reviewed international journal offers fast review within approx 12 days. Published articles are made available online with free access to target multinational audience in your domain. With high impact index 5.97 journal is accepting leading research in the domain of Cell Biology. Photon encourages innovative scientists and engineers from all over the world to share their research on international platform. Photon Innovations-2014 is a highly versatile Global Project connecting world's top most academicians, engineers and scientists towards filtration of World's Path Breaking Research Articles and Discoveries. The Global Project awards the scientists with Photon Innovations-2014 Award who demonstrates the calibre to transform and catalyze the domain. Their names would be announced and published on Photon Beam in 2014 with affiliations and respective countries.

We acknowledge your high academic expertise and appreciate your time and efforts towards submitting us a world class manuscript. You may choose variety of Photon Journals as below and may also nominate compatible researchers for Photon Innovations-2014 Award. You can submit your manuscripts at

Please visit below link for more information-

You can also submit eBooks and/or Book Chapters on your area of interest at:

Editorial formatting will be done at our hand. Chapters will be published instantly as these are ready without any delay caused by other chapter submission.

Photon Research Award: Photon is accepting excellent research thesis for publication. Now you can also submit/ recommend us thesis to be published on international platform for Thesis. It includes Ph.D, Post Doc, D.Sc, M.Phil, M.D., M.S., D.M., Graduate and Post Graduate thesis and project work. The Global Project will illuminate the thesis for international readers where they could be benefited with the thesis work for its further implementation and global partnership. Outstanding contributions will be awarded with Photon Research Award; world's highest recognition in this segment. 

Applications are also invited for Photon Research Award-2014. Submit us your world class published Research Articles/ submitted Thesis, which impact knowledge and creativity for screening Photon Research Award-2014. Attach your submission with cover letter and send

You are kindly requested to confirm your participation with acknowledgement. 

Looking forward

Shideng Bao
Editorial Office  
The Journal for Cell Biology

Last Date: 31st December, 2014

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