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General preface

“God’s Divine Plan for Creation of the World” is a work in which author seek to present his research into mathematical equations that deal with the formulas that may represent the perfect creation of the universe by the Divine.

The combination of science and spirituality is the core concept of author’s text, and he has chosen the area of mathematics to demonstrate his findings on arithmetical of godly power. The use of algorithms and chemical elements suggests a method of finding ideas that relate to the formation of matter and substance as described in scripture, while other exercises have been arranged representations to depict the Sign of God and other details of divine personage. Author’s text displays his equations in an organized manner, and the explanations that accompany them are geared toward a conjoining of religious belief and scientific realities.

Additionally, “God’s Divine Plan for Creation of the World” could be interpreted as a means of illustrating author’s belief in the ability of science to prove what may have previously been left to speculation and faith, and the attention that author give to details is designed to increase the viability of author’s text”.

May 25, 2001 E. H.H.

Managing Director


“Your God is One God. There is no god except He. He is the Merciful, the Most Merciful”.


Dear readers! Welcome to the world of the newest scientific discoveries. You can read everything abut these discoveries in our book. We'll give you a brief summary on what this book is about:

We occupy ourselves with the multi disciplinarian research of phenomena in science and religion. In our research we use some newly-discovered scientific methods the contemporary science is unaware of. These methods have proved very effective, and have thus enabled us to, with God's help, discover some of the secrets about the creation of the universe. Broader public should especially be interested in the following discoveries:

We have discovered that the sublime God created the world using His Divine program, cybernetic and information systems and laws. In fact, we have discovered that the God's project for creation of the world does exist. That project has an alphabet comprised of numerous divine and analogue codes. The sublime God uses these codes to interconnect the atoms and molecules in nature. He connects them so that it becomes obvious that our world was really created, and moreover by the Sensible Creator. We discovered these codes in the structure of chemical elements, in biochemical processes, in our genes, in Einstein's theory of relativity, velocity of light and all the other phenomena in nature. In fact, we discovered the mathematical micro and macro universe. What this mathematical universe is like, what the secrets of the God's book on the creation of the world are, can be read in this book.

Divine codes we discovered in nature testify and confirm the fact that the world was created. They testify and confirm that it was created by the Sensible Creator.

In our book you will not find philosophical observations about existence of God. You will find exact scientific evidences for existence of God, that nobody can deny. We will present you exact scientific proves that there is God's project for creation of the world. We will show concretely how does that project looks like. We will present you exact scientific proves that God really exist, that world was created, that we were created and we have our Creator.

The time has come when all humanity has to face with fact that God is truly existing, that man has got his Creator, that there is someone that guards over us all the time, who takes care about everything what we do and in front of whom we will be rendering accounts for all our deeds done in our earthly life.


Please allow me to briefly inform you about what's new in our science and why our discoveries are important for modern science. We're offering science one radically new view at the world. This is what it is about. Current science exclusively explores physical and biochemical characteristics of phenomena in the nature. Therefore, it explores only physic, chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, and other science but excludes world outside of those sciences. Unlike that science, we're offering research of the world outside of natural sciences. That's digital image of the world. What exactly is digital image of the world? Digital image of the world is an image in which physic, chemistry, biochemistry, and other natural science is converted to mathematics. Actually, we convert it to numbers. As soon as we convert to numbers we'll get digital image of the world. In that digital image, there is some very significant scientific information. Those are information in which is given explanation of that reality. That digital image of the world will enable current science to significantly advance it's scientific-research work and to develop top digital technologies in those sciences in a very short time.

Considering that these are new scientific methods and technologies which modern science meets for the first time, there is a need to explain you more about this, with some simple examples. First of all I wish to tell you how we got the idea to deal with development of those new technologies and how we discovered those new scientific methods.


“He created for you all that is in the earth, then, He willed to the heaven, and leveled them seven heavens. He has knowledge of all things”.


We will present you exact scientific proves that there is God's project for creation of the phenomenons in Nature. We will show concretely how does that project looks like. We have discovered that the sublime God created the phenomenons in nature using His divine program, cybernetic and information system and laws. Input of those systems and laws are God's ciphers 19 and 7. Output is number 931. Number 931 is arithmetical expression for God’s code in nature.


Data Structure

In group of all natural numbers from X to Y there are two codes which interconnect all those numbers. Those are codes A and B.

Formula of codes A and B

{[SA(R1,2,3,n) x B] - [SB(R1,2,3,n) x A] + (AB)} = A2B;

SA, SB = Groups of AB numbers in group of all natural numbers from X to Y

R1,2,3,n = Natural numbers from X to Y;


A = 7; B = 19;

Example 1

R = 35;

{[S7(35) x 19] - [S19(35) x 7] + (7x19)} = (7x19x7);

S7(35) = (29+30+31+32+33+34+35) = 224;

S19(35)=(17+18+19+20+21+22+23+24+25+26+27+28+29+30+31+32+33+34+35) =494;

{[(224 x 19) – (494 x 7)] + (7 x 19)} = (7 x 19 x 7);

(7 x 19 x 7) = 931;

931= God’s Code in Nature

Example 3

R = 1061;

{[S7(1061) x 19] - [S19(1061) x 7] + (7x19)} = (7x19x7);

S7(1061) = 7406;

S19(1061) = 19988;

{[(1610 x 19) – (4256 x 7)] + (7 x 19)} = (7 x 19 x 7);

(7 x 19 x 7) = 931;

931= God’s Code in Nature


That number, namely number 931, is the most importan factor in programmatic foundation of God's Code in nature. In fact sequencing od those signs is in the last resort reduced to creation with number 931.

Connection of God's ciphers 19 and 7.

“And We have bestowed upon thee the Seven Oft-Repeated (verses) and the Grand Qur'an”.


“Over it are Nineteen”.


7 and 19 = 719;

19 and 7 = 197;

19 and 07 = 1907;


Example 1

A real life Global Balance from V.shCherbak1 = 3412;

{[SA(R1,2,3,n) x B] - [SB(R1,2,3,n) x A] + (AB)} = ABA;

R = 3412;

{[S7(3412) x 19] - [S19(3412) x 7] + (7x19)} = (7x19x7);

S7(3412) = (3406+3407+3408+3409+3410+3411+3412) = 23 863;

S19(3412)=(3394+3395+3396…, + 3412)= 64 657;

{[(23863 x 19) – (64657 x 7)] + (7 x 19)} = (7 x 19 x 7);

1) Vladimir ShCherbak in The Arithmetical Origin of the Genetic Code“ present a sort a brief survey of the genetic code. His methods eliminate any possibility of a dual interpretation or overlapping of the arguments. In these terms, only the facts whose essence cannot be reduced to natural events can solve the original problem.

Example 2

A Virtual Global Balance from Vladimir.shCherbak = (222+999 x10);

{[SA(R1,2,3,n) x B] - [SB(R1,2,3,n) x A] + (AB)} = ABA;

R = 12210;

{[S7(12210) x 19] - [S19(12210) x 7] + (7x19)} = (7x19x7);

Example 3

Bloch chain from Vladimir.shCherbak = (666+999)

{[SA(R1,2,3,n) x B] - [SB(R1,2,3,n) x A] + (AB)} = ABA;

R = 1665;

{[S7(1665) x 19] - [S19(1665) x 7] + (7x19)} = (7x19x7);


As we see, in group of all natural numbers from X to Y there are two codes which interconnect all those numbers. Those are codes A and B.

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